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Yes, it is perfectly fine to trim a lilac bush.

} Oct 06, You should resist the temptation to prune or trim your lilac bush until it is at least 6 ft. tall, which typically occurs during the second or third year of growth.

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At this point, there will be enough excess stems and blooms for optimal stumplop.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins. Jul 14, Once a lilac bush is more than two years old, it requires annual pruning. The best time to grab your clippers and get to work is in early summer, after the flowers have bloomed and faded.

Here’s what you should know about caring for lilac bushes and trees.

Pamela Monday 1st of June

Why should lilacs be pruned in early summer?Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Jun 26, Lilac shrubberies ought to be pruned and kept up every year.

The plants ought to be full looking, yet not excessively thick. In the event that the plant is excessively ragged, the internal leaves don’t get enough sun and airflow, a challenge to plant sickness. Trim bigger stems from the focal point of the bramble to make stumplop.pwg: michigan,Bradenton FL. Jun 10, Don't prune later in the summer or fall.

This annual pruning should take place during spring (May or June in the northern hemisphere, around September to November in the southern hemisphere). Such pruning Views: K. Jan 09, Cut back 1/3 of the older lilac canes or branches. The following year cut out the next 1/3 of the oldest branches then the final year cut back the last of the oldest branches.

Doing this in 1/3’s will let you have blooms and still cut back the old worn out branches fully renovating the stumplop.pwg: Bradenton FL.

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