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If it IS a deer, I'm intrigued.

} Feb 13, The skunk presses its nose to the soil and digs with its long, front claws. Skunky knows that just below the surface is a protein-rich treat, just waiting to be harvested.

There can be so many holes that they coalesce into an area the looks like it has been stumplop.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins. Jan 29, Animal Holes.

Structural Hole Identification. Mouse and Bats: Size of a pencil (3/8") Rat, Chipmunk, Flying Squirrel: Size of a quarter (1”) Tree Squirrel, Skunk: Size of a baseball (1½”-3”) Raccoon: Size of a grapefruit (4"+) Ground Hole Identification. Rat: Holes tend to be inches wide and smooth from repeated use/5.

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Jun 26, Skunks digging for food leave conical holes about 3 inches deep, as if a pencil were stuck in the earth and then swirled around, Turpen said. Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Jun 16, Animals that typically do this in our area are skunks, raccoons and possums. You may want to reference: It is just unusual to see digging like this at this time of the year and typically these animals explore the turf more than around trees and shrubs.

Shrews mostly occupy burrows dug by other animals and surface every hours to feed themselves. Shrews feed on insects, spiders, worms, amphibians, and small rodents. Quick Fact: Shrews are known to shrink in winter, due to which they require less effort Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Sep 13, what animal digs at tree stumps If you have wild animals digging in your yard at night, they are almost certainly seeking either shelter, in the form of an underground burrow, or food, such as the grub worms many animals eat that live in the soil beneath the turf.

Dug-up lawns aren’t a problem just for homeowners who take pride in having lush, green grass or pretty garden beds.

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